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Esthetically and functionally

The Good Bag stands out among similar products. What make it unique are the hand–made production and the possibility of using one bag in several ways, by simple unfolding and folding of the bag.

The folded Good Bag's dimensions are 40 x 27 cm. You can pack in it files, documents or books in A3 – A5 format sizes, making it an ideal bag for conferences and seminars, being strong enough to carry a laptop, while having compartments that make it also a suitable bag for everyday use.

The unfolded Good Bag's dimensions are 40 x 50 cm. By unzipping and shaking it, the Good Bag turns into a large bag convenient for grocery shopping, workout, and all the other occasions where you always need a bigger bag.
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– Bag Dimensions

  • Folded bag – 40 x 27 cm
  • Unfolded bag – 40 x 50 cm

– Cotton canvas fabric 130 gr/m2

– Multifunctional – you can use one bag in several ways, by simple unfolding and folding of the bag.

– Endurable

– Adjustable handle

– Modern design/p>

– Hand-made

– Made from 95% natural materials


The Good Bag design:

In terms of design, the Good Bag is a creation of NOVA ISKRA Design incubator, an independent platform for professional development and affirmation of young creative artists in the fields of industrial and graphic design, architecture, illustration and graphic communications.

The Good Bag is designed by Zorana Stojanović, Marko Ćerketa and Bojan Jovanović.
Zorana Stojanović: "Once again I grasped how the simplest pieces are also the most complex to devise, precisely because of the need to blend clear forms with basic functionality."

Marko Ćerketa: "I think that the Good Bag is a very successful and important undertaking for all of us involved."

Bojan Jovanović: "For me it's priceless that the Good Bag is such a great support to the women who alongside us fight the 'assembly–line' work and mass production."

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