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Every single Good Bag carries the signature of the woman who sewed it.

Women from all over Serbia become members of the big family of the Good Bag manufacturesses through their local women's associations. They're mostly women without a steady job or regular income, living in communities where perspectives for economic wellbeing and a more dignified life do not open up so easily. That is why every single Good Bag sold is a huge, tangible support for its manufacturess and a proof how, given an opportunity, she can do a lot for herself and her family.

dobra torba

Every woman who sews and has an ordinary sewing machine can join in the manufacture of the Good Bag. Working at home, she can set for herself the work hours she devotes to sewing.

As a vulnerable group, women bear greater sacrifices during social crises. Although having more obligations and less spare time, their work more often gets unpaid and inadequately valued – 13 percent of all women and 24 percent of women aged 55 to 64 are ranked as unpaid household members who work in family business or on the family farm. Women are more numerous in the unemployed population and have lesser average income than men holding the same jobs.

Economic dependence and inequality are the source of numerous other negative social trends, jeopardizing the life and dignity of women. The Good Bag is a step towards a different, better position for women.

The following associations have joined
in the manufacture of the Good Bag so far:

Seleuš women's multietnic group

seleusThe association was founded in 1999 in Seleuš near Alibunar. It gathers women across all generations and pursues their economic empowerment through education in practical skills and production (sewing and growing eco foods), engaging also in the promotion of cultural heritage and protection of human and minority rights

Bački jarak women's activist group

backi jarakThe group was formed in 2000 in Temerin. They are committed to humanitarian work (mainly helping the elderly and children), heritage cultivation, promoting volunteering and women's entrepreneurship. Women of all ages sew different textile products and create handiwork that blends traditional with modern.

Hera women's club

heraThe association was established in Bačka Topola in 2001. Their efforts are turned to economic empowerment of women and gender equality initiatives – among other things, they operate an SOS phone line for women who are victims of violence. The members manufacture various textile products.

Ravno women's association

ravnoThe association was created in 2006 in Ćuprija. It helps members of socially endangered groups to find jobs, promotes youth entrepreneurship and supports neglected children. The members sew products from "pust", a wooly cloth made using a special technique.

Society for the preservation of tradition Izvor (The Spring)

IzvorThe association was founded in Knjaževac in 2005. It cultivates traditional folklore and folk art. It manufactures a line of ethno clothing, has a gallery and shop in Knjaževac and a souvenir shop on Stara Planina, and also holds an exhibition of folk art in Ćustivica.

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