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From day to day the Good Bag is conquering new and exotic places! This time, thanks to its social enterprise concept that gets unemployed women into the production, the Good Bag has won the heart of one Japanese woman in Belgrade. Aikiko Maeda is living in Belgrade for 7 years already and runs the website Serbian Walker, intended dedicated for Japanese tourists who want to discover Serbia. Thanks to her idea and her online shop, the tourists from Japan can now buy the Good Bag with a really interesting branding!

 Read our short interview with Akiko!

The Serbian Walker story

I started my blog when I came here (7 years ago). In 2009 I changed it into a blog with more general information about Serbian lifestyle, customs, food, sightseeing locations etc. Since then, I started to receive inquiries from Japanese people who were planning to travel to Serbia. Replying to their questions, my blog became something like a travel information website. Japanese tourists are mostly interested in domestic restaurants, cafés, sightseeing places and what to buy souvenirs, so I tried to provide them with that kind of information. All the articles are based on my own experience. I have visited the restaurants, cafés, events, and eventually, I spent a lot of money. : )

The Good Bag – A concept that warms your heart

Currently, my web shop is selling smaller souvenirs such as post cards, accessories and bags, due to postage and shipping. After the web shop has opened, I've been receiving inquiries from the buyers and gained a good reputation, even among Serbian people. I heard about the Good Bag on "Still in Belgrade" website. I empathized with the Good Bag concept deeply, because I know there are many women in Serbia who are skilled in lacemaking, knitting and sewing.

Domestic handmade Good Bag + domestic artist = a winning combination

Around the same time i discovered the Good Bag, I was preparing a web shop on my website to present young Serbian artists to the Japanese public. So, I thought "domestic handmade + domestic artist" will be an interesting combination.

So, I'm looking forward to further collaboration with The Good Bag!