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It was a really exciting summer for The Good Bag – she participated in one more international event, a very special medical conference NanoGagliato. NanoGagliato is an international meeting dedicated to advancing global health, through the field of nanomedicine, and community engagement in the nanosciences, organized by the nonprofit Academy of Gagliato of Nanosciences. Since 2008. they are organizing a yearly international symposium and this year the conference had a very special “participant” – The Good Bag.

 Find out more about the conference and participant’s impressions on the Good Bag in our little chat with NanoGagliato!

The NanoGagliato cutting-edge science story

NanoGagliato started in 2008, initiated by Dr Mauro Ferrari, one of the best world specialists in nanomedicine and in love with the southern Italy. Our event is atypical for many reasons: it brings a symposium about cutting edge science to one of the most remote part of Italy and its invitational only character, far away from luxurious hotels and restaurants makes it very cozy. Most important however is the fact that NanoGagliato is a multi-faces event that mixes discussions among specialists, educational program for children, social activities shared with the population and artistic contents.

Using nanotechnology in medicine

Nanotechnology is about using the very-very small particles – of a few nano meters only, 10-9m – to build up products. What the medicine appreciates is the very tiny size of these particles and the fact that we can engineer them to shape their properties. Nanomedicine thus enables access to the most protected parts of the human body – as the brain – and allows to target specific locations or to obtain precise properties of medical devices or therapeutic drugs. It is also very interesting for the diagnostic, where it improves the sensitivity of various tests.

The Good bag’s good entrepreneurship model

We heard about the Good Bag through our Communication director, Aleksandra Bogdanovic-Guillon who comes from Belgrade. We loved your design and your entrepreneurship model and that's why we've chosen your products. Your bags have been very appreciated by the attendees of NanoGagliato. Thanks for this good work ladies!