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The first 6 months of work are key in the starting of any business, a moment all business consultants advise you to look back on the results of your operations and decide together with your team how you will continue developing your company.

As with any other business, The Good Bag's first 6 months of functioning were an exciting and emotional experience for all of us, during which the entire team learned and labored with dedication on overcoming all the difficulties and achieving the first successes.

 It is an exceptional feeling to look back on this period and realize how all the unslept nights, time investment and determination made difference. We attained the goals we set – The Good Bag became a recognizable brand and reached the sales planned. We are most proud of succeeding to provide earnings for 11 women without permanent employment and regular income and empowering 5 women's associations that gather the ladies taking part in the manufacture.

Owing to these results, The Good Bag is recognized as a viable and sustainable model of social entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of women. All this undoubtedly gives us additional strength and motivation to move even more bravely towards further market capturing, in order to enable a larger number of women to become part of The Good Bag family.

To find out more about our business during March 1 – September 1, 2013 period and the results we have accomplished, see the infographic below.

The infographic was designed by Vjeko Sumić, resident member of our creative team, whose design solutions made an important contribution to our success. Thanks, Vjeko!