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Social entrepreneurship is an innovative way for people to solve different economic, educational, health and environmental problems in their communities through their work – by associating and using sustainable business models.

Social entrepreneurship is a part of social economy. Social entrepreneurship is when social problems are solved through entrepreneurial principles. Social economy implies that social goals are more important than economic ones - and that these social goals are achieved in an economically viable manner. Social economy includes a number of organisations that operate in order to direct their profit to the achievement of a specific social mission. The mission can be related to health care and cultural needs of people in the community, education, environmental protection and inclusion of different social groups through job creation.

Social enterprise is a business that operates with an idea that the profits earned by selling products or services serve to achieve a clear social mission. It means that earned funds do not serve to increase the assets of individuals - but are invested in socially useful purposes, such as hiring people who have difficulties in finding a job, social and medical services, education, environmental protection and cultural activities in the community.