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The Good Bag is better...

...because it's one of a kind – both as a bag and as an example of social entrepreneurship in Serbia.

On a celebration in the offices of Smart Kolektiv today the public was introduced to – the Good Bag. It is the first product and brand of a fledgling social enterprise that joins unemployed women from all over Serbia with experts in the fields of business and marketing who will place the Good Bag on the market. The Good Bag is unique, beautiful, long–lasting and suitable for every occasion, distinguished by original domestic design, hand–made production and universal values.

dobra torbaThe Good Bag is sewn by unemployed women gathered around several women's associations from all over the country and the entire income made from the sales is going straight into their hands. Every woman who can sew and has an ordinary sewing machine can join in the manufacture of the Good Bag through a local women's association. Working at home, she can set for herself the work hours she devotes to sewing. They are mostly women without a steady job or regular income, living in communities where perspectives for economic wellbeing and a more dignified life do not open up so easily. That is why every single Good Bag sold is a huge, tangible support for its manufacturess and a proof how, given an opportunity, she can do a lot for herself and her family. Economic dependence and inequality are the source of numerous negative social trends, jeopardizing the life and dignity of women. The Good Bag is a step towards a different, better position for women. The following associations have joined in the manufacture of the Good Bag so far: Ravno Association from Ćuprija, Seleuš Women's Multiethnic Group, Bački Jarak Women's Activist Group from Temerin, Hera Women's Club from Bačka Topola and Izvor Association from Knjaževac.

dobra torbaBoth esthetically and functionally, the Good Bag stands out among similar products. What make it unique are the hand–made production and the possibility of "2 in 1" usage – in two dimensions and in two shapes. The Good Bag is fashioned by young designers grouped around Nova Iskra design incubator, an independent platform for professional development and affirmation of young creative artists in the fields of industrial and graphic design, architecture, illustration and graphic communications. The Good Bag shall be sold primarily to companies, institutions and organizations that recognize its values and operate in a socially responsible way. These branded promotional bags are ideal for an efficient and innovative business promotional gift.

The Good Bag is the result of a project initiated by Smart Kolektiv committed to the economic empowerment of women as one of the key prerequisites for the development of society as a whole and establishing higher human rights standards. Countless examples worldwide prove that the more women are economically empowered, the society suffers less poverty, gender inequality and backwardness. Smart Kolektiv is an organization that pioneers the promotion and development of corporate social responsibility, social innovations, youth entrepreneurship and social marketing in Serbia.

dobra torbaThe Good Bag project is accomplished with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and Erste Bank.