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From day to day the Good Bag is conquering new and exotic places! This time, thanks to its social enterprise concept that gets unemployed women into the production, the Good Bag has won the heart of one Japanese woman in Belgrade. Aikiko Maeda is living in Belgrade for 7 years already and runs the website Serbian Walker, intended dedicated for Japanese tourists who want to discover Serbia. Thanks to her idea and her online shop, the tourists from Japan can now buy the Good Bag with a really interesting branding!

It was a really exciting summer for The Good Bag – she participated in one more international event, a very special medical conference NanoGagliato. NanoGagliato is an international meeting dedicated to advancing global health, through the field of nanomedicine, and community engagement in the nanosciences, organized by the nonprofit Academy of Gagliato of Nanosciences. Since 2008. they are organizing a yearly international symposium and this year the conference had a very special “participant” – The Good Bag.

The first 6 months of work are key in the starting of any business, a moment all business consultants advise you to look back on the results of your operations and decide together with your team how you will continue developing your company.

As with any other business, The Good Bag's first 6 months of functioning were an exciting and emotional experience for all of us, during which the entire team learned and labored with dedication on overcoming all the difficulties and achieving the first successes.